Monday, January 3, 2011

The Komiks Advocate for 2011

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays. Now everyone's back to work, including me.

When I started my blog, I was kind of running with this crazy idea in my head that the komiks community needed as much help as possible, that in fact, it needed saving. Saving from this imaginary intangible thing that I couldn't clearly define and didn't know how to overcome.

Of course, getting published in the QBCCC and attending Komikon 2010 changed that mindset completely. Komiks is alive and well, and I was so wrong to believe otherwise. Consequently, I realized it was egoistic to assume that I would somehow save komiks, as if I had some special knowledge that the people who dedicated their time, money and even careers to komiks did not. I think this komiks saving psyche can be a good thing, in that it can motivate people to get into it, but it's definitely a delusion I needed to get out of to be of actual benefit to the community.

Still, I think I have a lot to contribute, based on what I know and ideas I have. This blog is more than just a blog. I'm happy to have received feedback from people saying this blog has inspired them, for one reason or another. I know this blog hasn't really proven it's worth to everyone, but this year I intend to change that. I want people reading this blog to see it as a starting point for many a bright idea, perhaps some for me to explore further, and others for some people to pursue on their own.

What I recognized in the interim is that since there are no major komiks publishing companies, everybody making komiks has to deal with the publishing as much as the komiks making side. And as much as there are merits to self publication, this cuts into the time and effort that could have been focused on making komiks itself.

This fact alone has tangible consequences on komiks publishing as it is today. Just yesterday, Budjette Tan blogged that he & Kajo intend to finish Trese Book 4 just in time for Summer Komikon/Metro Comic Con. I think komiks people deserve a greater opportunity to produce more than what they are able to now. The readers certainly deserve to get the best from them.

I also believe in giving things away for free. For now all I can share are ideas, but there are many things I want to try and reveal to everyone, which would take a lot of the guesswork out of the self publishing end. I hope to explore these ideas and experiments throughout the year.

For now, my only tangible goal for this blog is to make 3 regular posts a week; every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have a backlog of topics to go through in my head, although new ideas come up everyday based on my interactions with komiks people everyday. To put that in context, that is potentially 220 posts for this year. I may miss it a few times, and I probably won't do it every single week, but it's workable and simple enough to keep me going. Good luck to me, and to everyone in the komiks community.

Again, a Happy New Year's to everyone!

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