Saturday, October 23, 2010

iBLOG6, and why I decided to seriously get into blogging

I wasn’t really into blogging when I went to iBLOG6. I showed up because it was free, I was curious, & I figured I might meet someone interesting or find a job.
So, I didn’t expect what I did find. iBLOG was an annual event made for and by bloggers, not just to talk about the business and craft of making and writing for blogs, but also to share their passions.
In a word, I was dumbfounded. The speakers and resource persons came from a variety of backgrounds and represented a broad spectrum of Filipinos. Most of them were soft spoken, but unafraid to voice out their opinions online and offline. I was especially impressed with Noemi Dado, pinoygossipboy, Carlo Ople, Abe Olandres, Joseph Gonzales, Mike Abundo and of course, Janette Toral. They weren’t all internet marketers like I expected (although the marketers were there too, and they weren’t so bad).
I showed up both days, and think I may not have made as many connections as I should have, but I still found a lot to admire. The one thing I learned from them all, I guess, is that blogging isn’t something to be entered lightly, and it’s not an easy way to make money. Primarily, you have to have a passion for blogging if you are to be succesful. You have to care enough to persevere and keep writing articles even if it seems like nobody’s paying attention to you. And by making a blog that gives more value to your readers, you also make a blog that gives value to you and that you can be proud of.
You can see the iBlog website here:

Welcome to the Komiks Adocate!

Welcome to the Komiks Advocate! This blog is to help promote the making, distribution and selling of komiks.
Before WordPress, before Betamax, even before disco, komiks used to be such a big deal. From its origins in the 50s to its ‘death’ in the 90s, komiks had the pulse of Philippine popular culture. They did not just provide us popular characters like Darna and Lastikman. They also helped shape the forms of popular stories that informed our romance novels, TVs, and movies, which has continued to evolve today.
Komiks itself has not died out entirely.  It has, however, changed in form. From the mass appeal, mass manufactured, cheaply produced expendable distributed in newsstands, we now have independently produced, economics adjusted, niche works that delve in a variety of themes and styles.
If you are interested in komiks in any way, we would like to hear from you! If you make komiks now, irregardless of your professional level, please contact us so that we can interview you and help promote your work. If you are a komiks veteran, we would like to hear from you about your experience in the past komiks industry and your perspectives today. If you are a komiks fan, you can follow us to stay informed and also to share your opinions. If you want to get into making komiks but don’t know how, stay tuned as we will try to uncover the different aspects of producing and publishing your own komiks.
Please send all inquiries and feedback to