Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 Christmas komiks and komiks art!

This post is just for fun. Happy holidays everyone! ^__^

Click the comic to see it in its original page.

Callous Comics, by Carlo Jose San Juan, M.D.
Check out the Callous Comics site and Facebook.

Click the comic to see it in its original page.

Crazy Metro Comics, by Ernest John Daryll Fiestan

Ernest also made this:

This art features characters Diwa from One Floor Up and Emina from The Channels Express.

Check out Crazy Metro Comics  on deviantART and Facebook.

Aha Hule Komiks

Aha Hule Komiks is by Greco Milambiling. Check out their blog and Facebook.

WIP: Work In Progress

WIP: Work In Progress is by Teddy Pavon and Hub Pacheco. Check out their site here.

EDITED: Combo breaker! Classic komiks style art from one of the oldies but goodies, Romeo Tanghal, Sr.!!!

First off, Joker's got a present for all you suckers!

And here's a more traditional komiks illustration

Romeo Tanghal, Sr.

See more of Romeo Tanghal, Sr.'s sketches here, and add him on Facebook here.

Joanah Tinio Calingo

Joanah Tinio Calingo is on Facebook and deviantART.

Marco Antonio G. Dimaano

Marco Antonio G. Dimaano is the maker of Angel Ace & Kia. You can check out his personal blog Stark Raving Mad & fighting game blog The Lone Gamer. He's also on Facebook.

Jose Gamboa

Jose Gamboa made The Pacquiao Comic, which you can purchase from lulu here.

Meganon Comics 

Meganon Comics is on Facebook, deviantARTMultiply and Twitter

Mark Henry Bustamante

 Mark Henry Bustamante made My Falling Star Girlfriend. Check out his work on Deviantart

And this series from the hardworking people over at Bokimkat Komiks!


Keiko and Bayani of DRAGON KID 


Bokimkat Komiks is on Facebook. You can also check out previews of their work in Flipgeeks here and here.

Rasel Reyes

Stephen Segovia

Stephen Segovia is on deviantART.

Silent Sanctum Manga

Silent Sanctum Manga made a hilarious post on the 25 Ways to Enjoy Christmas. Check it out!

Also, Gerry Alanguilan wrote this and Jonas Diego made this.

If you guys made something, I can still add it in, no problem! Just contact me, tnx :) 

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