Friday, November 12, 2010

Why You Need To Go To Komikon

1) Komikon is expanding!

This is one of the most amazing things about these conventions; they're not just a way for komiks fans to interact with each other and with creators. It's become a viable komiks market in itself, as more and more komiks start debuting within the Komikon itself.

2) It's the place to find indie komiks.

This is one of the advantages the convention has over buying komiks in brick and mortar stores; you get to experience the diaspora of indie komiks. If you're a fan of a small, but very well-made indie komiks series, you don't often get the chance to express your fandom among fellow fans, much less with the makers. You'll get to do that here.

3) You get to meet the komiks makers!

Afraid to approach your favorite celebrity, director, musician or cosplayer because they seem to be on a different level? Don't fret, because komiks people aren't like that! They're easy to approach and talk to, and won't just treat you like a fan, but as a friend. They're just like you and me, except for that Manix Abrera, who's appearing with his dad, the legendary Jess Abrera. I think he's going to teach us his seduction techniques or something, I don't really know.

Bonus: You get to meet me! Which isn't really a big deal, but hey, if you ever wondered what I look like, you can go there and find out! Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not green.

Komikon will be this Saturday, 2nd Floor Starmall EDSA corner Shaw Boulevard. Entrance fee is PH P 80, 10 AM to 7 PM. For full details, you can go to their website:

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