Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reviewing other blog posts regarding Lapid's komiks law

Yep, deliberately taking it easy until Komikon ends. I want everybody reading this blog to keep it in mind for the weekend in Starmall. Please come! I'll be there myself, revealing my secret identity and sharing contact info, like the cellphone number I still haven't memorized and that sort of thing.

I've shared links to how other bloggers have reacted to the proposed komiks law, but I thought it'd be a good time to review what they have said about it.


Literary writer, essayist and komiks maker (Kobayashi-maru Of Love) Adam David declares his general distrust of the bill, and points out a funny little typo. I did notice one odd point:
The wording of the document also has an air that it may become a regulatory, ie, censorship, board for komix...
The law has no provisions regarding regulation or censorship of people intending to publish komiks.  It's simply not in the scope of the Philippine National Graphic Novel Archive, whose stated purpose is to archive graphic novels.


Architect and veteran of both the comics and komiks industry, Gerry Alanguilan (Wasted, Where Bold Stars Go To Die, Elmer) points out three prior projects that attempted komiks restoration, for the purpose of publishing. These are Dennis Villegas' reprint of Ang Mga Kabalbalan Ni Kenkoy, Atlas Komiks' Lapu-Lapu and El Indio by Gerry himself under Vibal and Komikero Publishing. 

Preserving Philippine Graphic Novels

A komiks maker and entrepeneur, Jonas Diego believes will become the jump off point for other bills and projects to support the comic book industry...
and to this end, he recommends not one, but two people to represent the komiks industry in the Archive's Board of Directors.

Sen. Lito Lapid Wants to Preserve the Philippine Graphic Novels
Finally, we have a repost from komiks fan Jepoy from GameOPS, whose opinion runs the opposite of the political spectrum from Adam's. 
Another point for Lito Lapid if his bill gets approved!

I would like to share on a personal note that I have some old komiks that I've held onto for safekeeping. Most of them were made in the '60s, but if memory serves me right I have one item (a dilapidated, ashcan-sized Kenkoy special) from the 1920s!

I was in talks with Gerry about donating these to his San Pablo Museum, but as he explained to me personally, he would not be claiming ownership over them. I remember telling him; "Saan ko pa ba ito ibibigay, e ikaw lang ang kilala kong makakapagalaa nito nang maayos?" (Who else can I give this to, when you are the only one I know who can fix this?)

If the National Graphic Novel Archive is setup to my satisfaction, I would donate these komiks to it completely. I don't even mind if it'll be part of the first batch.

If you know of any other blogs or websites talking about this law, please share so we can cite them appropriately!

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