Monday, December 6, 2010

Katarungan Sa Pilipinas; a one-week-only komiks making contest

DigitalFilipino and The Komiks Advocate are proud to present the Katarungan Sa Pilipinas one-week-only komiks making contest! This is partly inspired by the 24 hour comics project, only we're giving you a full week so that you can do it just right!

In light of recent events such as the continuing detainment of the Morong 43, the Maguindanao Massacre, Panfilo Lacson's escape from prosecution and Cheche Lazaro's documentary Dalawang Mukha Ng Hustisya, do you feel there is still justice in the Philippines? Please share your thoughts in illustrated form.

For those who were unable to watch Dalawang Mukha, but want to know why Hubert Webb's case is being reassessed in the public eye, please read this blog post from Hubert Webb, Vizconde Massacre: The Philippines Justice System On Trial.

We are looking for komiks makers to make a quick komiks strip about justice in the Philippines. To join:

1) make an account in the Digital Filipino Ning network (you can use your Twitter or Facebook)

2) post your entry with your name as a comment here! post your emails if possible, but you can message me if you prefer.
You can also send pics & contact info to my Twitter @plsburydoughboy or my Facebook but we'll be putting them here anyway, so you might as well do it directly!

-You can opt to make a one page illustration or a four panel strip, as commonly found in newspapers.

-Please bear in mind we may share entries in an upcoming public event via projector or slideshow, so keep your concepts simple.

-Due to time constraints, we won't require you to make full komiks (pictures with text), but of course this is preferred.

-We will accept all entries from all komiks makers! Active, retired, hobbyist or even aspiring komiks makers, but you have to submit it within the week!

We are offering the winner a prize of PH P 3000! We will also post the winner's work in as well as The Komiks Advocate. And, we will share some of your entries in the upcoming iBlog Mini: Blogging About Cases, Sub Judice, and Freedom of Expression.

A few disclaimers:

-You will retain ownership of your entries, but please note that you are giving Janette Toral and Komiks Advocate the right to upload your entry to their blogs and social networking sites.

-Joining the contest also means that you are giving Janette Toral and Komiks Advocate the right to use your entry for promotional purposes.

-The prize will be transmitted via Paypal.

-This flash contest is a project for an online course.

-Do not post entries here. Again, you have to post them at the DigitalFilipino Ning network

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