Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On Self-Publishing: Emmanuel Casallos

The following is the second in a series of email interviews with some recently acquired contacts in the komiks community. If you'd like to share your own story, or just be a contact, please email me at komiksadvoc8@yahoo.com.

Today's article comes from Emmanuel Casallos of Glasshouse Graphics.

I am Emmanuel Casallos. I just did Sulat-kamay for the latest Komikon. I draw comics for the international market. Currently I'm doing "Dream Police" with Jeff Seeman and a little card project from Marvel Comics on the side.

1 What made you decide to publish your own komiks?

I decided to publish my own komiks because there are no restrictions. I can publish my own stories and no one will edit it out but me. We are the master of "our universe" in the case of self-publishing. We can exercise full freedom of expression, so to speak.

2 What did you need to do to get into komiks?

I needed a know-how on drawing and writing of course. guts and courage as well. To get the word out on our komiks, we just advertised on various social networks, used word of mouth and got a little help from our friends.

3 What are the main hurdles to overcome in self-publishing, and how should new komiks makers get over these hurdles?

I don't really know of any hurdles in self-publishing... funds maybe. Yes.. Money... YES! Maybe if there are publishing houses willing to publish or would risk publishing us, that would be awesome!

Regarding the budgeting for self-publishing, it depends on how many pages and the quality of paper to be used. Xerox copies are much cheaper of course.

You can check out Emmanuel's profile in Glasshouse Graphics here and his deviantART here.

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